Monday, August 11, 2008

6 Tips for Dealing with New HR Laws, Regs, and Court Decisions

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OK, take time to groan, but only a little. Shift that energy toward getting your organization geared up to comply. No matter what changes the law brings, there are some general principles and techniques to follow in dealing with them. You may want to follow this step-by-step approach:

1. To get a sense of what the new challenge is all about, ask:

Does the new law or reg apply to my organization?

When does the law or reg take effect?

What are the penalties for noncompliance?

What is the intent of the new law or reg?

What does the new law or reg require us to do?

2. Determine what changes the new law or reg will require:

What budget allocations will be necessary?

How will policies change?

What procedures need to be revised?

What existing plans need to be altered?

What departments will be affected?

What individuals will be affected?

3. Make an implementation plan for management’s approval. Include:

The name of the person in charge of implementation

Goals and outcomes

Schedule and deadlines

Milestones and intermediate steps, if it’s a complex implementation

Specific policy and procedure changes

Associated paperwork, online forms, or recordkeeping

4. Follow and complete the plan.

5. Perform dry-run testing if necessary.

6. Implement.

Not Sure You Know All the New Rules for 2008?

In 2008, you’ll be facing challenges in the family and medical leave arena, continuing confusion with employee benefits such as health savings accounts and retirement plans, a completely redesigned I-9 immigration form, and more aggressive attempts by federal authorities to root out misclassified employees, to name but a few.

We’ll be reporting on these issues in detail in coming weeks and months, but there’s a way to get a complete briefing right now. Attend BLR’s special 90-minute audio conference, 2008 Legislative Update: The Laws, Regulations, and Court Cases Employers Need to Know about No.